Excavating in Woodland Park – 3 Major Challenges

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If you’ve read our blog you may notice our article on Excavating in Colorado Springs and how it discusses the unique problems we face when it comes to excavation. This time we are going to take a look at a close neighboring city, Woodland Park. Doing work that requires heavy machinery, like excavating, is extremely…

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Excavation Cost in Colorado


How Much Does It Cost For Excavation & Grading In Colorado? Excavation in Colorado is unique in the sense that we have both flatlands to the east and mountain ridges to the west. This unique terrain combined with our unpredictable weather causes the need for additional excavation work. This work sometimes just requires things like…

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Excavating In Colorado Springs


Colorado has a unique combination of very dry soil and extreme wet weather, which can make excavating more challenging than other regions or states. This combination causes the soil to often change or shift. Let us explain, the soil of Colorado is very dry, which causes it to expand or contract based on its moisture…

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