Septic Systems Excavation

A septic system dig entails excavating the land where the septic system is to be placed. It will often be over excavated to make holes large enough to not only fit the septic tank but also extra space to be able to work and connect necessary piping and infiltrators/lateral lines. After a plumbing company installs the septic system we will then return to backfill around the septic system and cover it. In the case of a septic system repair or replacement, we can dig out the septic system, and then return to backfill after repairs or replacement has been completed. Whether it's fresh land needing a septic system added, or you're needing septic replacement or repairs, we can help with your project. If you have questions or would like for us to take a look at your job and provide a custom quote, contact us today!

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Septic System Excavation services include:

Over excavation of land around the septic system, as well as backfilling service once the septic system has been placed, repaired, or replaced. If you have any questions about the services we provide, please give us a call at (719) 249-8008.

We serve in and around Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Woodland Park, Calhan, Canon City, Divide, Parker, Lake George, and all surrounding areas.