Excavating In Colorado Springs


Colorado has a unique combination of very dry soil and extreme wet weather, which can make excavating more challenging than other regions or states. This combination causes the soil to often change or shift. Let us explain, the soil of Colorado is very dry, which causes it to expand or contract based on its moisture content. In a Colorado winter, it is not rare to see a snowy or rainy day, this adds moisture back into the soil which can cause it to expand, and then in the spring and in summer, it dries back up and contracts. 

Due to this unique combination, excavation in Colorado Springs has additional factors to account for. One of the most prevalent factors can be the grading of the land to account for water drainage. In Colorado Springs there are not too many locations that are flat. The majority of the city is set up to account for water drainage and your project will likely need to be as well. 

Take for instance a gravel driveway installation in Colorado Springs. Not only would the grade of the land have to account for water drainage, but often being in rural areas, they may also need for culverts to be added. 

A culvert is often a pipe that channels water past an obstacle or structure, such as in this case to get around a driveway. Culverts are typically embedded in the ground with soil covering them so that the water can pass underneath the structure you are attempting to avoid, and are typically connected to a drainage ditch or canal. 

Also depending on the soil, additional material may need to be added to support any structure you’re looking to build. If you were looking to build build a home or even a barn, you would first need to look at setting up a solid foundation.  This will often include adding additional materials to the soil to make it ready to support the foundation. Just like with the previous example the grade of the land is also very important when looking to lay a foundation or even a barn pad. 

In addition, there are several more factors that will determine what will need to be done, or which tools may need to be used for a specific project. For instance, your soil may contain rocks or other extremely hard material and might require using a hydraulic breaker to dig into the ground. As explained above the converse could also be true and the ground could need to have additional materials added. As you can see the unique combination of dry soil and extreme winters can add a couple of hurdles to excavation projects in Colorado Springs. However, when you are aware of them and account for them, your project will be just as safe and stable as anywhere else in the US.

At Iron Summit Excavating we account for all these variables to ensure the highest quality of work. We don’t cut corners, we always have the right tools for the job and we strive to make your upcoming project as stress-free as possible. Contact us today so we can see what it will take to get your project completed.

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