Excavation FAQs

Hopefully, these FAQs can help answer some questions you may have about your upcoming project or even just excavation in general. If you still have any questions or concerns, contact us via chat or feel free to give us a call (719) 249-8008.

Excavation work is the process of moving things like dirt, rock, or other materials with tools, or heavy equipment to create a space to begin construction. It includes trenching, clearing land, and grading the land for: Foundations, Septic Systems, Pipes & Sewer lines, Erosion & Drainage Control, Barn or Out Buildings, and Roads Or Driveways.
The cost of excavation will vary from project to project depending on factors like the size of the project, as well as the services needing to be completed. If you would like more information on our pricing feel free to check out our Excavation Pricing page or our blog article about Excavation Pricing in Colorado.
The biggest difference between excavation and landscaping is that excavation will require heavy machinery to get the job done. The other big difference is typically the size of the project or task. Tasks such as digging massive holes, and trenches, breaking rock, and clearing large amounts of trees all require heavy machinery to efficiently complete the task. The types of jobs would all typically be considered excavation unless they were being done on a smaller scale.
Yes! In order to build a house or building, you will need a solid foundation upon which to build. Unless the ground is properly cleared and leveled, your foundation will be weak, and may even have drainage issues causing a destroyed foundation. Each foundation site will be different and will face different challenges. This is why excavation is essential prior to any type of foundation being laid whether it's for a home or building.
Permits may or may not be required depending on the city or county of your project as well as the scope of work. Typically when having to dig deeply into the earth or clear land, a permit is required, however, this will vary based on the project. Working without a permit can cause serious fines and even get your project shut down. If you would like to know if a permit is required, feel free to give us a call 719-249-8008.
How long it will take for Excavation will vary based on the project itself. The size of the project as well as the services and tools needed will also affect the amount of time it will take to complete the project. If you want to get a free estimate and see how long your project might take, give us a call 719-249-8008.
Large equipment will be needed to dig or level the ground, so accessibility to this area for these large machines may affect the price. For instance, if trees, fences, or other obstacles are blocking the path that first needs to be cleared to make the path accessible, etc.
The biggest thing a homeowner can do to prepare for a contractor is clear a path or entrance to the worksite. Do what you can to make the area as accessible as possible, remember large machines will more than likely need to access the site. If that's beyond your capabilities, make sure you let the excavating company know ahead of time what obstacles they may face. You should also move anything on the property that will be in the way, if at all possible.
This will depend on the material of the driveway as well as the length, width, and thickness needed. Concrete Driveways cost between $8-$18 per square foot whereas a gravel or aggregate driveway can cost $3-$7 per square foot. Decorative gravel can also be used but typically cost more than aggregate however can also look more stylish. If you already have a driveway and are looking to tear it up, replace it, and haul-off debris, it will cost an additional $2.50-$4 per square foot. Asphalt driveways are also available. If you would like an estimate for your driveway feel free to contact us.
You are not required to be on the worksite when construction is underway. We do not mind you visiting the site, but always like to ensure everyone on the worksite is safe and would greatly appreciate it if you can notify the project manager prior to the visit. If you would like to visit, we do ask that you were the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment while on the worksite.
We handle reaching out to the utility company to mark out the utilities, however, to expedite the process you can call 811 to have them pre-marked. Any private utilities (dog fences, private electric lines, etc.) should be marked by the homeowner. If you have any issues with having your private utilities marked be sure to let us know ahead of time to avoid project issues.
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